Business Integration

Emaris Limited provides services in a number of different areas. Our primary expertise lies in the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Control Systems.A key factor of ERP systems is the integration of data from many aspects of an organisation. To accomplish this, an ERP system typically runs on a database with multiple software modules providing the various business functions of an organization. Large organizations usually have a number of these modules provided by ERP systems; often these are relatively generic, with high licensing and integration costs. Emaris provides services to develop bespoke modules that will satisfy specific needs or budget constraints of the customer.The bespoke services that Emaris provides will extend or change how the system works. This is achieved by developing new user interfaces and underlying application code. Implementations typically reflect local work practices that are not currently catered for in ‘off the shelf’ systems.In the field of Manufacturing, Emaris has expertise in Engineering, Bills of Material, Scheduling, Capacity, Workflow Management, Quality Control, and Cost Management, all aspects of the Manufacturing Process including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Manufacturing Projects and Manufacturing Flow.For Supply Chain Management, our experience is in Inventory, Order Entry, Purchasing, Product Configuration, Supply Chain Planning, Supplier Scheduling, Inspection of Goods and Asset Management.We also have expertise in Data Warehousing and various self-service interfaces for Customers, Suppliers, and Employees.

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